Practise your phonics!

Some helpful things to know...
Check out the 'Links' page (bottom of the left hand side) for songs, fun maths, science and reading games :)

Questions to ask your child while reading. The one on the left is for fiction text and the other one is for non fiction books.
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Support at home
Have a look at the button ‘Support at home’ on the left hand side to get some information about how to support your child at home and to see what is expected after 2 years at school.

Maths booklet - information for parents
This booklet gives an overview of what is required at each stage (knowledge, strategy and basic facts). There are ideas about how you can help your child at home.

Numeracy 1 2 3
Have a look at the numeracy overviews under the 'Support at home' button. These give you an indication of what your child should be able to do at each stage in maths.
The NZ maths website (as listed below) also has lots of great suggestions and activities that you can do at home to support your child’s learning in maths.

Maths links and games

Why reading with familiar texts is beneficial
Click on the link above to gain a better understanding of why children benefit from reading familiar texts.

Our Awhina colours
Kakapo - Green
Pekapeka - Purple
Hoiho - White
Kea - Yellow
Tuatara - Orange
Whio - Blue
Kereru - Red
Takahe - Lime Green

If you have any questions please feel free to come see me. I am often in meetings straight after school, however, you can usually find me in the classroom from 8:30am. Alternatively you can email me.
Natasha Scott: nscott@willowbank.school.nz

School Absences
You can now e-mail on absence@willowbank.school.nz
or txt to 027 523 1151. Please let us know your child's name, room number and reason for absence.
You can still phone the school on 09 2711077 and leave a message by selecting '1'.
In all cases, you need to notify the school before 9:30am.
If you phone or txt the school, you will need to send a note explaining your child's absence. For an absence due to sickness longer than 4 days, you must provide a medical certificate.

School Opening Hours
Although children are welcome to enter the school grounds from 8am, teachers are not in their classrooms until 8.30am so children in the grounds before this time are unsupervised. Please do not send your child to school prior to 8am. SKIDS provide a comprehensive before and after school care programme for children who require supervision outside of school hours. Please see the SKiDs ad or contact Clare Williams on 021 702 498 for further information.

Bell Times
Our classes start at 8.55am. All children are expected to be in their classrooms, prepared for the day prior to the first bell. This preparation is extremely important as it ensures children have organised themselves for the day, have met with friends and have spoken with their class teacher.

Litterless Lunches
Willowbank School is proud to say that we have been a part of the Enviro Schools program for over 10 years. To begin the year we would like to focus on the relationships between people and their environment.
Last year we were so impressed with the efforts that Willowbank School community displayed with their litterless lunches. We want to continue this throughout 2015. We hope to see by the end of term one everyone having a go at bringing lunches that are free of plastic waste.

Cyber Safety
Explore Hector’s world to help your child learn about safe online practices.
Hector’s World: http://www.hectorsworld.com/island/index.html

Friday 27 March - Let's support the Black Caps - Black Out day this Friday!
Children are encouraged to wear black with their uniform or come to school in mufti (causal black clothes).
No donation required.