See, Think, Wonder
What do you see?
What do you think about that?
What does it make you wonder?

Is it a panda or a dog - a panda dog?
Is it a panda or a dog - a panda dog?

I see…
Rylee – I see a panda.
Matthew – I see black and white stripes.
Ashton – I see an animal that’s fat.
Milad – I see that the eyes are black.
Rinisha – I see black ears.
Sarah – I see huge feet.
Kiara – I see his feet are black.

I think…
Rylee, Matthew, Vaurn, Rose, Kiara, Linda, Sarah, Ashton, Winnie and Harrison – I think it’s a panda.
Chloe – I think it’s a dog that looks like a panda because the nose part looks like a dog.

I wonder….
Timothy- I wonder why people are gathering around the panda?
Kiara – I wonder why it’s a panda?
Milad – I wonder why it’s fur is black and white?
Matthew – I wonder what the panda eats?
Pepper – I wonder why the panda needs to be fat?
Linda – I wonder if it’s a dog dressing up in a funny costume?
Winnie – I wonder why the eyes are black?
Sarah – I wonder why the panda’s ears are black?

external image maxresdefault.jpg
I see....
Timothy, Chloe - a spider.
Milad - a blue head on his back.
Matthew - red lips.
Sarah - something pretending to be a car.
Chloe - some webs.
Winnie - 6 legs.
Pepper - a monster.
Kiara - white and orange fur.

I think....
Rylee - it's an art project.
Kiara - It's a monster.
Matthew - it's a spider.
Timothy - I see a head of a person.
Sarah - it's a bit spooky.

I wonder....
Matthew - what it is.
Pepper - if its a real spider?
Timothy - why it has the art creation on its back.
Kiara - if its made of cardboard and why it's spooky.
Linda - if it's a different animal dressing up as a spider.
Sarah - if it's arms are a bit funny.
Tim - if it's a peacock spider?
Pepper - why it has a mustache?
Kiara - why it looks a bit funny and silly?
Chloe - if it could be a pet?

Greater than.jpg

Pictograph of Room 12's favourite pets

Which pet is our favourite? Which pet is our least favourite?

Our abstract self portraits!
Self 1.jpg

Hiwi the Kiwi
What did we learn?
Chloe – never go on a boat without a life jacket.
Salome, Rylee – always take ice with salt when you go fishing.
Rose – when you go fishing and you find a big fish it might have babies so you put it back in the water so the babies have a chance to grow.
Erin – every time you catch a fish then you have to pick it up with a wet towel.
Timothy – always bring a sea ruler because we have to measure the fish to check if it’s too small. If it’s too small then it has to grow, if it’s too big then it will have babies. If it’s the right size then you can take it home!
Kiara – when you go fishing, don’t put rubbish in the water because the birds will eat it and they will die. If you find plastic in the sea or at the beach then pick it up!

Fish have a special layer of slime on them like sunscreen to protect them. So when we have to make sure we use a wet towel when we pick up a fish.

Plastic pollution in the water: Sometimes sea turtles eat plastic bags because they look like jellyfish.